Silent Sustained Reading 


  • Reading builds vocabulary to help express yourself more clearly. 
  • Reading makes you a better writer and thinker.
  • Reading can be relaxing and will also make you a more interesting conversationalist.
  • And hopefully, you will be inspired to continue reading outside of the classroom. 


  • Twenty minutes twice a week and when you have completed class work- bring your book every class because you won't know which days. 


  • If you forget your book at home you must spend the time free-writing. 


  • A book that is not too difficult and not too easy. 
  • A book that you are interested in reading. 
  • A book that your parents/ guardians, if asked, would allow you to read. 
  • The book must be at least one hundred and fifty pages long. It can be a novel or graphic novel. It cannot be a magazine or comic. (If you have one that is shorter than that you can get special permission from Ms. J by showing her the novel and discussing the reasons why you think this book would be a good read for you.)


  • Check the board for our day plan and if it says SSR 2:10pm - then take out your book and begin reading at 2:10.
  • Stay in your seat during SSR so others are not distracted.
  • Do not use your SSR time to do your homework.
  • Do not talk.
  • Do your best to read the whole time.
  • Before reading, record the date, title of your book, and starting page #
  • When we finish, record the page # you stopped reading and write a five to ten line response in your SSR section in your binder.
  • Ms. J will be checking your binders regularly. 

J Fresh Dollars: 

  • Did you enjoy your book? 
  • Do you think someone else in the class might like to read this book? 
  • Then share your book with the class and J Fresh will make it rain! 
  • All you have to do is come up to the front of the class, tell us the name, author, and give a brief synopsis of the book. 

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