J Fresh Make it Rain!

J Fresh’s Make it Rain Game!

Earn Dollars by:

  •  Doing well academically
  •  Being helpful to the teacher or to other students
  • Being punctual and never missing class
  •  Being prepared for class
  • Participating in class discussions
  • Having assignments completed on time
  • Sharing a book you enjoyed during SSR in front of the class
  • Working together as a group:
o   Every student being on time to class and in attendance.
o   When working in groups all team members participate and are focused to being a successful group

Can Ms. J take away your dollars? 

No – once you have earned J Fresh dollars the only thing you can do with them is spend them – you earned them! Ms. J will not take away your money for being bad – I only want to reward you for being awesome.

Can you share dollars?


Maybe the whole class would like to put all their money together to buy a class party? What a great way to show that you can work together towards a common reward.

Or, maybe you know your friend is not having a good day and you decide it would cheer him or her up if you bought the class ten minutes of game time – what a great friend you are!

What can I buy with my dollars?

Class party: $100 000 – pizza, pop, and movies or Wii
Class treat: $75 000 - it will be a surprise treat! (chips, candy, donut, cookie???) 
Ten minutes of class free time:$3000
Class game: $2000
Bathroom: $100
Water: $100

How will I keep track? 

You will get your money and keep your money safe in your binder. I suggest making a money clip to keep it fresh.(Maybe a butterfly clip?) I will keep track on a wall chart and take pictures with my phone each time I hand out money so we have a back-up. 

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