Quizlet: Grade Nine Literary Terms and Devices for Poetry Unit. 

Poetry Portfolio

Over this unit on poetry, you will be required to create a portfolio that is a reflection of what you have learned over the month. Please be sure to keep all your work, as that will allow you to have more choice in what ends up in your portfolio in the end.

The following are the requirements for your portfolio:
1. Title Page (5) – with a title; your name, block, date; illustration(s) or abstract design
2. 4 poetic works by other authors (4) – this should include the lyrics you will bring to class and the poem from the poetry scramble
3. 7 poems that you have written in class (35)
4. 5 Reading/Writing Responses (50)

6 marks will also be allocated for organization and neatness of portfolio. This gives a total of 100 marks.

Enjoy the unit and remember: Don’t throw out your work!!!

Due: The day of your unit test.

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