Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tableaux: "A Note on the Public Transportation System"

A Note on the Public Transportation System

It’s not hard to begin
a conversation with the person
who happens to be seated
nearest you, especially when she’s been
reading with apparent interest
a book that’s one of your
favourites and can’t find
her matches.
        The difficulty is
once you’ve spoken you can never
go back to being comfortable
with silence,
        even if you learn
you’ve nothing to say
and would rather not listen.
        You can stop talking
but you can’t forget
the broken wires
dangling there between you.

        You’ll smile almost guiltily
when your glances
accidentally bump.
    It may get so bad
that one of you will have to
pretend to fall asleep.
Alden Nowlan

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vocabulary Challenge!

This week you are going to get fifteen new words. Thursday we are going to review vocabulary and I will be giving out some money to people who have reviewed their vocabulary and can give me the definition or a sentence. THEN, on Friday, for the quiz - I will be giving everyone who can get 30/30 $1000!!!! That is right!! I hope this motivates you to study and to peer pressure your friends into studying as well. Imagine if the whole class could get $1000??!! Class party here we come!!

If you want to start studying now - you can. The quiz this week will be on words 75 - 125. Just star them on Quizlet. (Quandary - Quagmire) Good luck!!