William Shakespeare

Shakespearean Portfolio 

1. Handout: Shakespearean Insults
2. Poem using Iambic Tetrameter 4 - 8 lines
3. Translating Shakespearean Worksheet
4. Vocabulary Chart
5. Exit Slip
6. Handout: How to block a scene
7. Setting of Act 2, Sc 1 and one page rationale. Be sure to refer to specific lines in the play to explain how you created your setting.
8. Assessment sheet for Translation Activity
9. Puck's Advice Column - Puck's advice to humans about how not to be so foolish in love. (10 lines)
10. The assessment sheet for Prompt Activity
11. Free-write or your dream
12. Dream Interpretation (your own Renaissance Interpretation)
13. Exit Slip #2
14. List of five things in Character Box and Character Relationship Chart
15. List of different types of love and characteristics of a good/ bad friend
16. Essay on friendship: Choose a character and describe why he or she would be a good or bad friend. (Into - 3 body paragraphs - conclusion)
17. Exit Slip #3
18. Movie Review
19. Children's Story / Comic Book Final Project (due same time as Portfolio Tues. Oct. 21)
20. Portfolio Check List - checked off

A Midsummer Night's Dream Unit Test

This test is made up of four sections: 

A. Plot Summary - make sure you know what order events happen. 
B. Quotations - Click on the link to study who said what in the play. 
C. Terms and Devices  - Click on the link to study our grade nine terms and devices and how they relate to the play. 
D. Writing - Just one paragraph. Be familiar with themes and characters in the play.

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